Communities 2.0 event livestream

Helping Our Community Be Digitally Included

February 2015 saw Tantrwm link up with the Wales Cooperative Centre to Livestream their Communites 2.0, digital inclusion conference in Cardiff.

Digital inclusion is one of the most important issues faces communities in Wales. As more and more services, and information moves online it is important that we do not have people left behind and unable to access them due to them not being computer literate. In fact it is no exaggeration to say that soon being digitally illiterate will be as big a disadvantage as being illiterate was in the last century.

This was a great chance to meet some great techie people and indeed we were lucky enough to meet two of the top ladies in Tech, Maggie Philbin and Dr Sue Black. Maggie Philbin for thouse of you old enough to remember used to host Tomorrows World back in the 80’s… indeed here she is talking about the worlds first digital camera…

Dr Sue Black is an inspirational woman who has a Phd in Computer Science and has set-up an organisation called TechMums who help introduce people to digital technology.

Tantrwm used our lovely HD streaming kit to make the conference available online to thousands and thanks to our shiny new remote camera unit we were able to have a second studio manned just by Claudio.

It was great to work with AV company Genero, and we’d recommend them to anyone who is staging a conference. We are passionate about using digital technology to improve the lives of people in our area and so for us, it was great to work with an organisation that is passionate about the same thing.

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