Ross Kemp Cheers For Volunteers


Last weekend saw us conduct our first ” href=””>#livestream (paid gig) since March 5th 2020!!!! And what better way to return than streaming Ross Kemp for the Royal Voluntary Services, Cheers for Volunteers pub quiz.

It’s been a hard 17 months but we’re bouncing back with a smile and an understanding that the values we have always stood by helped see us through.

Recognising volunteers who stepped up to support during the pandemic.

Ross in partnership with the Together Coalition and Royal Voluntary Service, launched ‘Cheers for Volunteers’ as part of  National Thank You Day on 4th July.

We arrived at midday in order to get everything set up and tested. Making sure all cable runs and lighting was safe, secure and out of the way.

The event took place in quite a small space so the management and placing of equipment had to be spot on. We used 3 of our top spec robotic cameras with a live mix controlled from our roll in, roll out live studio mixer.

It went off like a charm.

No dropouts, crisp, clear audio and video and an incredibly appreciative and happy client and audience.

“What an amazing live stream!! It looked fantastic and so seamless.”
Rachael Cronin – Royal Voluntary Service
You can view the stream here. 

The Royal Voluntary Service

The Royal Voluntary Service is one of the largest volunteering organisations in Great Britain. Its staff and  volunteers support people in need, with the aim of building resilience in local communities.

Originally set up as the Women’s Voluntary Service in 1938, the charity began its life helping civilians during the Second World War. To mark their 75th anniversary in 2013, they became Royal Voluntary Service. Volunteers of all genders and backgrounds from age 14+ are welcome and you can find out how to get involved here.

If you’d like to find out more about how live streaming can benefit you, give us a call on 01685 876700.

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