Vary those tasks!

Some jobs are fun. Some are boring. All of them need to get done. But it is important to vary those tasks.

A common mistake that people make is to do all the interesting tasks and leave all the boring stuff till the end. The problem is that the boring stuff soon mounts up and starts to feel like a mammoth mission. And no one likes the thought of a huge and unrelenting job at the end of the day.

By doing the jobs you don’t like regularly and not letting them mount up you are way more likely to keep on top of things. You will feel a sense of achievement and enjoyment. You will be more productive through the rest of your job.

There are plenty of job and task / goal setting software around to help. But you can start right away with some post it notes. Write down a task per post it. Scrumple them up and put them all in a bowl or box.

Then ask someone else to pull out a task. No matter what it is just get on and do it. Once complete pull out another – and so on!

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