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Documenting corporate events covers a large part of Tantrwm Digital Medias work. We have helped organisations large and small at events across the UK. From creating live video links for Pepsi/UEFA when the Champions League came to Cardiff to providing multi-camera event recording for Marks and Spencer away days.

We urge you to contact us early on in planning your event as we can help with creative ideas that you may not have thought about? It is common for our team to create a 3 minute overview of an event and the activities that take place over its duration. Once we have a full understanding of the clients brief we can go on to create an additional 10 or 20 social media films from the same footage. We also capture and print photographs on the day, get delegates involved in the film making itself or take part in even more outlandish ideas.

Our live exhibition TV studio or portable outdoor studio for corporate events is an exceptionally useful tool when needing to create a buzz. Combine this with the visual impact of our Oscars, red carpet, retro games machines and LED video walls and you have the makings for a truly memorable corporate event.


Use your event to gather
lots of social media collateral

At your event it makes sense to get sound bites from attendees in the form of planned interviews or impromptu Vox pops. With the right preparation this can be the backbone of a long running social media campaign.

Tantrwm Digital Media can work with you to get an ‘on-brand’ message from some of the most tight lipped delegates. Our accomplished interview team have the skills and have developed and honed techniques to get the best from people. You could even have high quality interviews and sound bites edited and streamed throughout your event.

No matter what the event, we are there for you.

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