Other Services

Using video in more ways than you might imagine!

Tantrwm Digital Media excel in all the aspects of film that you might expect from a video production agency. Our services and work encompasses the whole medium, from concept to creation, design to deliver and everything in between.

In addition we use our extensive knowledge of the internet to combine the power of video with existing and emerging web technologies. From integrating video in e-commerce sites with product films and 360° views to e-learning and interactive story telling, Tantrwm Digital Media will help you find the most appropriate solution using our wide ranging knowledge.

PR & HR Meet VR!

Working closely with marketing,
human resource and comms teams

We work hand in hand with HR, PR & Communications departments to develop and create bespoke video and web based solutions to problems. This might mean staff development through video training or video evidence gathering to improve staff performance.

Tantrwm Digital Media have worked with government and large corporates to devise and deliver unique and effective, yet fun and engaging ways to motivate and improve performance using our range of services.

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