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Tantrwm have been building websites, animations, films, print and all forms of communications for clients all over the UK since 2000. We have in house designers, animators and editors. Sometimes a job requires a photograph, graphical element, moving imagery, sound effect or 3d element that would be prohibitive or even impossible to attain within a given budget and/or timeframe.

This is where stock imagery comes in very handy. It can help you meet a deadline or assist your creativity. Stock photographs, videos, graphical elements and more are available from many different suppliers and range vastly in price.

Tantrwm Digital Media have utilised many of the suppliers over the years. From Getty Images to Shutterstock, private libraries and much more. The prices vary greatly depending on the availability and uniqueness of a particular kind of image. We have found that the most cost effective and useful library is Envato. They provide website templates, photos, video, sound effects, music and much more. The best thing is their subscription model.

For example, when we build or design a website for a client the biggest sticking point is the lack of quality or niche photography. A single image from a stock library could easily cost £300 to license for use on your website and print. Envato might have the image you need, along with a suitable font and even a business card template. All for a low monthly subscription. In fact a whole years worth of useful and constantly updating stock collateral could cost way less than one image license fee from another site.

Tantrwm now have an affiliate programme with Envato. If you sign up through our site and the links on this page, it means we are able to keep our prices for editing, web design, brochure creation etc to an absolute minimum. It also aids in the design process as you get to choose the images and send them to us directly.

We recommend Envato. Please sign up using the links on this page.

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