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Andrew Chainey

Managing Director

Chainey’ founded Tantrwm in 2000. As the Managing Director, he oversees day to day running of the business with a strong focus on business development, customer satisfaction and future opportunities.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and an IoD Wales Ambassador, has an HnC in Digital Video and is a Certified Apple Trainer (FCP).

He has an unwavering belief that Tantrwm can help people and has a lifetime of technological experimentation in the communications field, that includes early adoption of drones, VR, 3D animation, LED tech, Green screen and more.

Chainey’s guitar playing is becoming better than his singing…it used to be the other way around. He is also a co-founder of the Worldwide Wheelbarrow Jousting Federation!

What the team think:

Chainey can always be relied on to come up with a creative and effective solution thats not the run of the mill, that he drives the company forward with his enthusiasm and desire to try new things and that he has proven his ability to bring disparate people and business ideas together and make them work.


Stephen Hanks

Creative Director

Stephen is Tantrwm’s Creative Director. He graduated from EKRAN+ (a creative pre-production process and based on shooting practice programme) in 2005 and has two BAFTA Cymru nominations under his belt (2010 & 2011).

Stephen works with our clients to tell their story and connect with their audience. He has a love of communicating and telling stories and takes complex information to present it simply, and in a way that creates an emotional connection with the audience.

Stephen enjoys learning new skills and sets a new one to learn each year. The last few years have seen him learn to play piano, speak French, how to do joinery, play the trumpet, learn Welsh and he’s currently taking lessons in dog training!

What the team think:

Stephen has an immense understanding of our clients and what they need and delivers exactly what they need.


Chris Davies

Project Manager

Chris is Tantrwm’s Project Manager, Sound Tech and Producer.

He is trained in Advanced Media Production and takes care of logistics to make sure each client project runs smoothly and on budget.

Chris is always on hand to address any last minute queries or urgent requests, keeping clients informed throughout each project.

He has an in depth understanding of customer service after running his own High Street and online business for over 10 years, as well as years of experience and insight into the day to day running of a business.

Chris is a keen musician who has been producing and recording music and spoken word for over 30 years. He’s played in bands and performed in plays and musicals since the age of 12 and enjoys writing/creating music (the more avant garde the better!).

Chris loves noodles and eats them practically every day (apart from weekends!).

What the team think:

Chris is possibily the greatest people wrangler we’ve ever witnessed!


Tom Allen

Digital Director

Tom is Tantrwm’s Digital Director, E-Learn Integrator & Website Specialist. He has a BA in photography and is a member of CADW.

Tom has an IT and coding background and maintains Tantrwm’s IT infrastructure, creates rich and engaging E-Learning platforms, and researches new and exciting technology.

He is always planning ahead and ensures the team are made aware of the latest tools and systems .

Tom is a member of HEMA group – Academy of Steel…South Wales Sword School!

What the team think:

Tom is a wizard fixer of most tech things and his vast knowledge in technology and software means he can apply himself to almost any project. He is also great at communicating with our clients.

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Rory is Tantrwm’s Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He has a BA in Illustration and an MA in Graphic Communication.

Rory takes on all graphic design projects which involves brand design, illustration, and design for print and marketing.

He also creates Tantrwm’s digital and print collateral and created the company’s visual rebrand in 2022.

Rory’s combination of graphic design and illustration skills/knowledge adds a unique value, allowing more creative outcomes.

He is a naturalist and likes to crochet stuffed toys of flora and fauna.

What the team think:

Rory brings an unmatched illustration and graphic design capability to the organisation.

His design-centred head allows every project, to be seen from a completely different perspective. He is an incredibly calming influence in the office and a very talented artist.


Dawn Penny

Marketing & Communications Manager & Office Manager

Dawn is Tantrwm’s Marketing & Communications Manager and Office Manager. She is trained in ILM Leadership & Management, Social Media Strategy, Photoshop & Customer Service.

As well as being responsible for Tantrwm’s marketing, internal and external communications, Dawn’s 30+ years of business support experience (and what she says is her ‘annoyingly boring organisation skills’) comes in handy with helping Tantrwm’s Managing Director, ‘Chainey’, to keep a tight ship.

Her passions include outdoor strength training, running and wild dips to help in a bid to future-proof her health and manage peri-menopause. Dawn enjoys live music and small festivals and as such, is the marketing lead for community organisation Brecon Frazz Parade.

Dawn and her daughter love harmonising together.

What the team think:

As well as keeping Tantrwm’s marketing organised, Dawn is great at making sure important things like ISO 9001 admin is adhered to. An important contribution to moving Tantrwm forward and keeping us all in jobs…and with hair!


Two Burrows

Editor & Camera Operator

Twm is Tantrwm’s Editor & Camera Operator.

He has a Level 3 Diploma in Media, Broadcast & Production via a BBC Apprenticeship and is a member of BAFTA Connect.

As a filmmaker and editor, Twm seamlessly blends creativity with technical prowess, transforming raw footage into captivating stories.

As the youngest member of the team, Twm brings a digital-native’s-eye-view to our video work and when he is away from the camera can be found curating his blog and YouTube Channel.

In 2022 Twm watched 213 new films, and he’s on track to beating that amount of movies for 2023!

What the team think:

Twm is very knowledgable about all things video, from extensive movie knowledge to everything you need to know about emerging tech, techniques and kit. His Motion graphics have really brought something else to the company.

Christina Fung


Catrin Southall


Justyn Jones


Claudio Laurini


Malcolm Cross


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