Andrew Chainey

Managing Director | Technology Development | Live Events

Andrew started Tantrwm Digital Media as a business from his bedroom in a terraced house in the valleys. Since 2000 it has attracted more and more clients from all across the UK and beyond.
Andrew is a Geek who has been working, experimenting and enjoying video and digital technology since he was a teenager. As well as running the company, he is responsible for developing our live streaming technology and large screen video capabilities.


Stephen Hanks

Creative Director | Writer | Management

Stephen has been at Tantrwm for over a decade and is an experienced film maker who has won numerous awards and even been nominated for a BAFTA Cymru award.

Stephen enjoys learning new skills and sets a new one to learn each year… the last three years have seen him learn to play Piano, learn to speak French and learn joinery.

This passion of building his skills has seen him develop as a film-maker over the ten years he has been with us

Chris Davies

Project Manager | Business Development | Operations

Brilliant musician by night, and maker of a startlingly good cup of coffee in the morning, Chris helps Tantrwm by finding amazing new clients and projects to work on. Chris helps us to do this by reaching out to people and organisations that we can help.


Claudio Laurini

Infographics | Kinetic Type | Director | Coach

Claudio is a film maker and journalist that has worked with Tantrwm for the past five years. He is a fantastic director and editor and is also a trained actor and former professional clown.

Tom Allen

Studio Manager | Network Tech | Live Stream Expert | Camera Operator

Tom Allen runs the Tantrwm Studio. In charge of booking the space, maintaining and specifying equipment and looking after clients. Tom is a live-streaming expert and is our ‘go-to’ person when dealing with computer networks and systems. Tom is also a self confessed geek and loves programming and all things tech related. When not in the office he can be found wandering the South Wales mountains and countryside with his camera.


Christina Fung

Illustration | Animation | Game Design | Character Creation

Since graduating in 2012 with a degree in animation, Christina has worked on several children’s television productions, such as Wildlife Jack at Moon Studio, Puffin Rock at Cartoon Saloon, and Ooglies at Ko Lik Films. She works with Tantrwm on animation, illustration, character design and game development.

Catrin Southall

Project Manager | Translator | Presenter | Interviewer

A fluent Welsh speaker and professional translator, Catrin helps us to manage our projects and works with us to ensure that our Welsh language output is of the highest quality.

Cat is also a professional singer, chorister and musical arranger who has worked with the Manic Street Preachers and was musical director of the Tenovus Choir. She has also been seen regularly on S4C (the Welsh TV Station) in various guises, but mostly as an expert in music.


Justyn Jones

Producer | Director | Writer | Voice Over

A former ITN journalist and BAFTA Cymru winning TV director, Justyn is a long time collaborator with Tantrwm. A brilliant interviewer with a journalists eye for a great story.

Justyn has made films for BBC, Discovery and Channel Four… he is also an accomplished sailor and can be found at his happiest when out on jaunts on his boat in Cardigan Bay.

Dawn Penny

Social Media | Marketing | Video Strategy

Owner of a jaw-dropping karaoke voice and ninja level organisational skills, Dawn helps us make our films work for our clients.

So, once we have made a film, Dawn goes to work making sure that the film reaches its target audience. She does this through a forensic understanding of SEO for all of the major social networks and diligent scheduling


Malcolm Cross

Accounts | Finance | Planning | Management

Running a media business is not all exciting film shoots and meetings in coffee shops. Malcolm makes sure our books stay balanced and that our paperwork is up to date… not glamorous perhaps, but vital to making sure the rest of us can make great work.