Communication specialists

Illustration is a universal language. It has the ability to convey difficult to understand concepts, emotions and visual identity. We receive visual information more quickly than text, making illustrations excellent communicators since they show rather than tell.

There is nothing more magical than sitting with a client, sometimes over zoom, and transforming their verbal brain dump or ‘back of napkin’ scribble into an illustration that captures the essence of their vision. It is often a goose bump moment. Helping someone that does not have the time or ability to visualise their concept and then visually developing it in front of their eyes often marks the start of a long relationship.

Knowing when to challenge and suggest that a client’s idea is heading in the wrong direction to achieve the specified outcome is also a key part of the work we undertake, This is often the more difficult part of the job. It takes skill, listening abilities, people skills, communication capabilities and experience, and is core to getting to the outcome.

More than just decoration.

Besides elevating the viewers experience illustrations are capable of so much more.

In a digital marketing world, brands are constantly competing to be noticed. Illustrations are key to brand awareness and the first step to user acquisition. The advantages of incorporating illustration into your marketing arsenal are endless but here are a few more:

  • Brand trust 
  • Emotional gratification 
  • Visual metaphors 
  • Improved readability 
  • Friendly and more human experience 
  • Explaining complex processes 
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