Video Production

Creative interview or narrative driven story telling

Video is an essential ingredient in every website, social media channel, presentation and communication strategy. There are many niches, genres, styles and delivery mediums for you to exploit.

Tantrwm are a team of creatives, producers, directors, technicians and visionaries who have the capacity to deliver multiple concurrent projects yet are small enough to be cost-effective, flexible, fun and easy to work with.

Technical with Creative flair

Robust project management systems means peace of mind and delivery on schedule.

Tantrwm is what is traditionally know as a full service video production unit. This means we have the staff capacity and technical skills, along with equipment and logistics, to undertake most projects in house. This encompasses concept through to delivery, script to screens.

Tantrwm have over 18 years track record working with a diverse range of repeat clients on video productions that vary from single camera operators to a crew of a dozen or more. Proving our ability to take pressure off you and give you piece of mind with regards to your visual communications.


Tantrwm Digital Media have a proven creative and technical track record with plenty of references and testimonies for you to follow up.

We have a proven ability to deliver projects and work in Welsh, which is a necessity for some of our clients.

We implement robust project and business processes that integrate with most software operated by public and private sector clients. To manage and undertake projects we use:


in-house creative and technical staff

Tantrwm have talented in-house creative and technical staff reducing the need to hire in additional crew.

We own all equipment necessary to undertake most projects which means more of your budget can be spent on the production rather than renting extra equipment.

Latest Projects

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