SEO = Search Engine optimisation. The search engines being most predominantly Google (84%), Bing (9%), Yahoo (2.5%), Baidu (1%), Yandex (.5%) that you need to be aware of. You need your website to appear on these search engine results! You also need to know when and how to deal with the sales oriented organisations that badgers and convince you that they will get you to the ‘front page of google for a monthly fee of X’. Tantrwm ARE NOT THAT SALES ORIENTATED fly by night organisation. We offer solid, good advice, training, web builds, develop core understanding with clients and build long lasting partnerships and relationships. 

Our SEO starts with the fundamentals. Quality content. Optimised imagery. Internal and external links, keyword matching, video scripts and tagging. We do not operate ‘black hat’  link building tactics. We build long lasting sites and help the proprietors of these sites up skill their knowledge to exploit their web presence. 

We help with Social Media planning and execution, a key component of current SEO. This might take the form of content creation or even training your key staff in current tools (Vimeo or Adobe Express for example) to take your site to the next level and reach your SEO targets. 

 Designing a great website is only part of the building process. If you don’t optimise your content, both images and text alike, your website will struggle to be in the top search results.

That’s where SEO or Search Engine Optimisation comes in. It is a crucial part of any website design, and ensuring that your content is concise and impactful is key.

Using tools like Grammarly will help tidy and improve your contents delivery while ensuring the information is conveyedd

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