About us

Born in the year 2000 and over 2500 films completed to date!

Since July 2000 Tantrwm have been meeting great people and making amazing videos with them.

We work with some of the most incredible and forward-thinking individuals and institutions in science, music, heritage, broadcasting and the arts.

Over 90% of our work comes from repeat customers or existing clients recommending us to others. We are extremely thankful of this. It reflects upon the quality of the work we undertake and our customers overall experience of working with the team here at Tantrwm.

We are based in South Wales but our clients are all across the UK and Europe.

90% Returning Customers

Creative yet Technical

Taking your budgetary constraints past their creative boundary.

The team at Tantrwm have a portfolio of work that spans decades. In that time we have worked with large budgets as well as small, A-list celebs, Blue Chip organisations, dreamers, sole traders, charities and governments.

One thing is constant. The love of the work that we do. Our team understand the privilege of having a career that keeps you on your toes, enables you to keep on training and testing your skills as well as being able to meet the most amazing individuals, create for visionaries, help others achieve their dreams and not to be constrained by our field of work.

This is reflected in our desire to capture your attention, help you to understand our ethos, and together form a long lasting working friendship that transcends your current work situation. We want to be your team, your support, your help and the work that you are proud of.

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