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Online video encompasses a wide range of categories, from short video blogs to live streams that last hours and everything in between. Whatever form your content takes, Tantrwm Digital Media can not only breathe life into it, we can also get it seen by the right audiences.

Since the advent of the internet, video content has grown in importance to the point that any effective online campaign, be it marketing, social media or public awareness, is highly dependant on the use of online video.

Supporting campaigns from diverse areas

Our online work supports campaigns from diverse areas of society.

The ability for video to relay information a lot more quickly and aesthetically than text means that people who browse the web will spend more time watching an online video than reading a page. However this doesn’t mean that any old footage will do. Content is King as they say. A well thought out approach will always be more beneficial than posting sporadic film.

You may have staff that need to undertake online training and nothing beats using video in an e-learning package that can seamlessly move from desktop in the office, to mobile, to tablet or laptop at home. We understand the platforms and the best way for you to exploit what is available.

With Tantrwm you can feel safe in the knowledge that we can make video work for you.

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