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Tantrwm Digital Media have been creating bilingual Welsh language videos since 2000. In this time we have constantly kept up to date with the developing legislation regarding bilingual communications in Wales.

Since a significant number of our clients are either in the Welsh Government or receive their funding from Welsh Government, we have a huge amount of experience at delivering projects that treat Welsh and English as equal languages.

For live streaming this has lead to us developing and investing in technology that enables us to deliver multiple simultaneous streams of any event, each with their own audio. This allows for live translation so that the online audience can decide for themselves which language to access the content through.

At the heart of our business.

Bi-lingual live streaming and creative video production is at the heart of our business.

For video production, Tantrwm Digital Media create two entirely stand alone versions of each film, one in English and another in Welsh. In documentaries this will involve us finding interviewees who are bilingual, or where required, finding Welsh speaking equivalents to interviewees who are not bilingual and conducting a separate interview.

For drama style productions we shoot each scene back-to-back, once in Welsh and once in English.

In all cases a fluent Welsh speaker is present either conducting the interviews or supervising the filming to ensure that the quality of the Welsh language content is as high as possible. This might be a Tantrwm team member or one of your designated staff.

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