Stretch Tents

Have you been to Wales? Then you know that the weather can be a bit ‘changeable’. Holding an event is one thing, but if your guests don’t have a place to rest or sit when it might be blisteringly hot or pouring down with rain, they won’t thank you for it.

Tantrwm has a selection of different-sized stretch tents and awnings available, which range in size to cater for all sizes of events. 

A stretch tent is different from a traditional marquee. They look great, are quick to deploy, bring something different to an event and make a great focal point. Hot, or cold, rain or shine, they are a useful addition to a multitude of scenarios. 

Our tents range in size, but are best served in combination with our Cider and Pizza Wagons, Stage, LED Screen and full entertainment package. Perfect for corporate entertainment and community events. 

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