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There’s no denying that Community Housing Video has become more and more effective as a tool within the sector.

You might be relaying information contained within an annual report or important guidance on how universal credit affects your tenants.

Or even utilising video internally for staff training and team building. There are a huge number of ways video can benefit your organisation.

Tantrwm Digital Media have helped many Housing organisations with the following solutions:

  • E-learning films, content and software
  • Creative films
  • Community engagement video
  • Community driven news
  • Youth distraction films
  • Animation
  • Websites
  • Creative writing workshops
  • Seminar and meeting live streaming
  • Evidence and lobbying films
  • PR and news reports
  • Portable TV Studio
  • Big brother style ‘vox pop’ trailer

Make your meetings accessible.

Perhaps you are holding a conference and need to broadcast the keynote messages to as wide an audience as possible. Video can help. By live streaming on multiple social media channels (and via your own webpage), you can reach your tenants on their SMART TVs and internet connected devices.

At your conference you could also set up a “live TV studio” and have your delegates take part in interviews that enable a more concentrated focus on the key message and topics.

Transmitting live and simultaneously recording the video enables post production (editing the footage) so the films are used to their most effective later on social media channels.

Working in the housing sector for two decades!

Tantrwm Digital Media have served the housing sector for over two decades. Working in communities, creating engagement films, supplying and specifying AV, building websites, and undertaking the marketing for housing stock transfer. We understand the sector and it’s needs.

Whichever way you look at it, effective and targeted video promotion is an opportunity that cannot be ignored and should be used to help community housing organisations engage and grow with Tantrwm Digital Media as the Perfect partner to do so.

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