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Making sure your staff are constantly developing their skills is a key consideration when running any organisation.

Video offers a flexible and cost-effective way to do this. Especially when integrated into a digital learning system that uses blended learning techniques to ensure that the training is effective.

Tantrwm Digital Media have created bespoke training systems that help taxi drivers study for a national qualification, reduce waste in the hospitality industry and to develop systems thinking in the middle-management of a large public sector organisation.

We are experienced at taking complex ideas and relating them in ways that are enjoyable to watch and easy to remember, but more than that, we help organisations to energise and enthuse their staff by helping them make their own videos.

Working with management consultants we create fun and memorable team building experiences that deliver results.

Help staff learn anywhere.

Help staff learn anywhere with training films.

Most people have now experienced an on line learning course of some variety. Video embedded in a Learning Management System (LMS) is proven to be more effective than face to face learning in certain situations.

It enables the learner to proceed at their own pace and without the pressure of a classroom environment. Corporate training video is easily reformatted to multiple languages, can be pay-walled, sold, scheduled and provide additional revenue to you.

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