Inflatable Stage Trailer

Tantrwm have an amazing  portable Inflatable Stage Trailer. It gives you a 36m2 covered stage, raising you off the ground about 1m. The best thing about the trailer is the speed of set up. We can have a stage on site, inflated and ready to go within 30 minutes of arriving on site.

We turn up, plug a 13 amp plug into the 240V inverter on our tow vehicle (or into your own socket or generator). Then the stage inflates within 15 minutes. The stage does not require the fans to run for it to stay inflated. If the event is only for a couple of hours then no re-inflation is required. If it is an all day event then we would leave it plugged into a mains power socket and it will automatically ‘top-up’ during the day. 

The stage is perfect for sporting medal ceremonies where contestants can receive their awards in front of an audience. Also great for unique outdoor weddings (ask about our stage / screen / sound / silent disco / cider / pizza package). The stage has been used extensively in town centres for Choirs and Music events, Xmas light switch on and community / youth engagement. 

No matter the weather our stage will keep you dry.

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