Popcorn Machine

You can’t have a film night/day without the fresh smell of warm just-cooked popcorn filling the air. And that is why Tantrwm invested in a Popcorn machine. It turns a standard film event into an awesome cinema experience. Just add some red carpet and 6ft Oscar statues and you have a glitzy experience to remember. 

Not just for the kids. Fresh hot popcorn is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Whatever your event there is nothing quite like the sweet or salty treat of popcorn to munch on! Particularly good when combined with our LED screen for the drive-in experience or an Oscar awards or presentation-themed event. 

Our popcorn machines make can be hired with staff or for you to run yourself and can come in a range of different flavours from your everyday buttered sweet or salty to the more adventurous like bacon and maple syrup.

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