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Being based in Wales means that live streaming in more than one language is quite common. Tantrwm Digital Media have developed the methodology to exploit the tools available to us, streaming hundreds of hours of simultaneous bilingual Welsh and English broadcasts.

This means that when confronted by any other language requirements, we have the expertise to help. Our equipment is state of the art, we know our software packages inside out and are confident in all streaming situations.

Bi-lingual is a must have in Wales

Bi-lingual communication is a statutory requirement in Wales.

Some organisations, particularly in the public sector, have a statutory obligation to communicate in both Welsh and English. Tantrwm Digital Media are here to help you communicate to the ever increasing number of Welsh speakers and see it as an important opportunity to embrace and make the most of bilingual streaming.

We can help with simultaneous translators, written translation, Welsh subtitling and native Welsh voice overs.


Of course, our skills in Welsh mean that we are able to implement the same systems and technology for any other language.

There are technical skills and specific hardware requirements to stream bilingually to multiple platforms and Tantrwm Digital Media have a proven track record of delivering these, at times, in the most demanding of circumstances.


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