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Restaurants across the UK are experiencing sustained growth with higher quality competition. Maintaining this trend will mean restaurateurs need to adopt a healthy online presence, exploiting websites and social media marketing campaigns to the fullest in order to keep ahead of the game.

Making a relevant and effective restaurant video is all about capturing the essence and feel of the establishment. Taking the time to experience the ambience and to become familiar with the cuisine on offer, along with focussing on the décor, food preparation and finished dishes, we can set about delivering your establishments ethos.

Storyboards and scripts are arrived at through working closely with yourself. Using top quality lighting and cameras to capture the subtle nuances of the dining area along with the vibrant colours of food and ingredients, we can create a film that tells your story and represents your restaurants unique identity.


With Tantrwm digital media producing your restaurant video, your customers can make an informed decision, while encouraging anticipation and allowing their whole dining experience to start before they’ve even set foot inside the door.

Capturing the essence of the food and your establishment.
You have invested in your staff, premises, décor, produce and traditional marketing material. It is vital that your video content exceeds how your customers perceive your operation.

Today’s customers are bombarded by TV chef’s and food chains that spend millions of pounds on sets, production design, scripting and more.

Tantrwm Digital Media bring the same vision and ambition, delivering exemplary content for all of your channels at the budget you specify.

We create social media specific for restaurateurs, video for your digital signage at your take away, still imagery for print, content for your website and even cinema and TV ads.

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