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Tantrwm are a creative digital media company based in Aberdare. We specialise in video production, live streaming and social media management. This work has allowed us to rub shoulders with a whole bunch of amazing human beings and It’s always inspiring to meet people who have worked their way to the top of their chosen field.

Our team is constantly evolving, learning new skills and refining techniques in order to deliver innovative, creative, high quality video and help people convey their messages to their target audience in a way that ensures maximum impact.

We are a limited company, VAT registered, have achieved COMPTIA Certification for our online work, achieved Investors in People for our commitment to staff, attained ‘Green Dragon’ environmental accreditation, won awards for our Welsh Language work, have been nominated for Welsh BAFTAs and above all believe in contributing to our local community through employing and developing people.

Our ethos is at the heart of the day to day running of Tantrwm.

Tantrwm also use video as a tool to help organisations train and motivate their staff and to develop teams, working alongside the best staff-development professionals using our skills to help deliver inspiring training solutions. This could be using film-making as a team-building exercise, using video playback to help sales teams study their body language or creating bespoke video training courses to enable staff to learn at their own pace.

For the past 18 years we have worked with some of the most dynamic and forward-thinking companies and individuals in the world and combined with our experience, knowledge and creativity we can help your business tell the stories you want your audience to hear.

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