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The idea of video marketing isn’t new, the difference is how readily available video content has become over all social media channels today. This makes video marketing a tool that cannot be ignored in the modern day and hence the need for a video marketing plan.

While optimizing your written content is a good way of marketing online, video marketing is now an essential factor when trying to get noticed. With Youtube being the second largest search engine and Facebook predicting that it will consist of all video within the next five years, video marketing cannot be ignored.

So what does the future hold?

So what does the future hold in terms of online video distribution?

Tantrwm Digital Media keeps abreast of the latest technologies and trends. It is our business to help you understand and exploit the things that will work for you and avoid the things that will become money pits.

Our work at the UK’s leading Universities on future technologies and data analysis means we are in a unique position to assist you.

The fact is much of the AV tech from the Blade Runner or Minority Report films is here today.

How does this affect your marketing plan? You need to understand what channels are available, what is on the horizon and what will create an emotional and physical reaction in your target audience. Personalised Holographic Video advertising exists today. You could be the first to exploit it at your point of sale.

An understanding of social media and how the differing platforms use video puts Tantrwm Digital Media in an ideal place to deliver what is required, creating a strategy and rich content that will engage with your audience and take your business to the next level. Talk to us and together we will create your Video Marketing Plan.

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