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Communication through design

Creatively technical

Being able to pick up a pencil, does not mean that you are an illustrator or architect,  knowing how to dip a paintbrush does not make you an artist, and wetting your hands and fondling some clay does not make you Patrick Swayze!

Innate talent, technical skills, a trained eye, years of experience or the freshness of youth, the ability to communicate, knowing when to challenge the norm, and understanding when to appreciate convention are just some of the traits we look for in our creative team.

Our creative experience and team cross many communication methods, techniques and styles, creative genres, mediums, platforms and some very technological solutions. Tantrwm’s understanding of the importance of artistic merit combined with a deep understanding of the technologies at play in the world of communication means we are well-placed to help you. 

At Tantrwm we transform brand perceptions by combining research, strategy and a comprehensive creative skillset to deliver the success our clients want. Whether it’s commercial, awareness or public engagement, we provide everything from branding to marketing, illustration and animation to connect with your audience.

Branding. Motion graphics. Illustration.

Talented team with over 20 years of experience

Whether you’re seeking a brand refresh, custom illustrations, or a complete graphic overhaul, Tantrwm is your partner in turning visions into captivating visuals. Our approach is collaborative, ensuring that your brand identity and messaging are seamlessly woven into every design element. Our exceptional clients inspire our work, and our adaptability ensures we meet your unique needs.

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