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Universities are a hive of research and innovation. There is huge competition between universities to attract new students from the UK and abroad to the specialised and unique courses that are on offer.

Tantrwm Digital Media have been helping universities across the UK to promote not only the courses that are on offer, but also the environment that students can expect to become part of their lifestyle, with video. From accommodation to nightlife, sports facilities to additional learning opportunities.

We have skills in getting great shots, not disrupting lessons when filming and having an eye for what visual references will engage and tell your story. Additionally we work with your branding agency or guidelines to make sure your films sit comfortably with the rest of your image.

Condense a paper or PHD so more people take notice!

You might have conducted the most amazing research and you want to share that with the your peers and the world. Tantrwm Digital Media have taken large academic papers and condensed them into digestible chunks of information that entice a viewer to explore the paper or research in more depth.

We have also work on post graduate and professional / executive education programs. Tantrwm have interviewed alumni and current participants to see how enrolling and completing a course of study has positively affected the career of a participant.

Other specialist functions that Tantrwm Digital Media carry out include live streaming award ceremonies, using multiple cameras to capture lectures, training staff and students to shoot diary style films, creating highlight films for participants and much more.

If you are involved in getting your campus noticed then please get in touch with Andrew or Chris.

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