Lighting is an art. Weeks, months and millions are spent on designing good lighting. An understanding of this is at the heart of what creates a great atmosphere.

Andrew, Tantrwm’s CEO,  started his entertainment career designing DMX 512 (the protocol that controls modern lighting) test systems for concert lighting – back in 1993!

So we understand lights. But not just from a techy perspective. Being film-makers means that we understand the importance of darkness, shadow and movement. Where there is no light can imply intrigue and mystery!

At Tantrwm, we are always investing and researching new ways to make your event impactful and to be a day (or night) to remember.

Having lights is one thing, but programming them and marrying them to your event is just as important. Some of our lights can even match your brand’s exact HEX / RGB colour.

Lights, Lights and more Lights

From basic up-lighters to complex showtime orchestration, we have the tools and skills to bring your event to life. Festoon brings an outdoor party to life, up-lighters bring trees and columns to the foreground, moving lights grab attention, mirror balls conjure a certain era.

This is as much an artistic field of work as it is technical. We need to know the volts and amps, power and colours. A great place to be working in.

Contact Tom, Andrew or Rory to explore what is possible.

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