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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Social media is where your audience is, so it makes sense for you to use it to it’s full potential.

Tantrwm understand how to do this and how to tailor your films for each platform.

An effective social media video strategy should form part of every video project. If you are making a high-quality brand video for the front page of your website, think about creating a making-of video to share on social media and drive traffic to it.

Video on Social Media works more than any other content.

If you are commissioning a documentary about one of your projects, think about how extra material could be captured as part of that process and turned into video posts for your social feeds.

With social media, quantity matters and regular video posts are a proven way to increase engagement with your audience.

Our service does not end with handing the films over either. We are here to advise and want to make sure that you maximise your investment, getting the most from the deployment of your product videos.


If you have a WordPress website then we can suggest plug-ins, SEO tools, social media management, caching, security and the best techniques to share your content across all social media channels.

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