Meet our clients

Corporate | Government | Third sector

Tantrwm Digital Media has been privileged to work with visionaries, dreamers, doers and makers across Europe and we hope that a little of the magic that makes them shine has rubbed off on us. We still shake ourselves sometimes when face to face with some of the scientists, sports-people and celebrities who are placed in front of our lenses. But the real magic is when you least expect it. From a committed community member, a teacher, a student, perhaps someone who has given everything in pursuit of perfection or just because it’s the right thing to do.

Below our some of the names we can mention and are proud to work alongside:


National Trust

Powis Castle | Penrhyn Castle

The incredible heritage of the UK is one of it’s strongest attractions to tourists. The National Trust are the custodians of some of the most amazing natural and build sites in the country. Tantrwm Digital Media have worked with them to create stunning videos that tell the story of some of these sites.

Imperial College London

Creative | Live | Photography

Being one of the leading science schools in the world means that there are no end of amazing stories coming out of this university. We have worked with them to create films that showcase some of the amazing research that is taking place and the incredible facilities that make it possible.


National Library of Wales

Awards | Animation | Creative | Live

More than just a library, the National Library of Wales is also a gallery and a musuem, dedicated to Welsh culture and heritage. We have worked on projects with them which explore the social history of Wales through the tithe maps created in the 1800’s as well as crafted films which adapted war poems as part of the centenary for World War One.

Royal College of Music London

Creative | Live | Phd | Interviews

Home to some of the most talented young musicians in the world, the RCM is a really magical place to be. We have worked with them to create films that capture their ethos and showcase what an incredible place this is to train.


Arts Council Wales

Live | Bi-lingual

A huge number of amazing projects and organisations are funded by Arts Council Wales. From festivals to participatory arts initiatives, Tantrwm Digital Media have made films which capture the magic of the creative sector in Wales.

BBC Wales

Filming | Editing | Equipment

While most of our work is shown online, we have also worked on a number of broadcast projects – most recently Tantrwm Digital Media took care of Post-Production on the BBC documentary, Border of Life and Death which was produced by our good friends at Small World.

Tantrwm-Digital-Meida-Creative-Live-Video-Production-British Council

British Council

Live | Scripted | On-line | Huge audiences

From video language resources to live streaming to social media video, Tantrwm Digital Media have worked on a huge range of projects with the British Council. The IATEFL conference that the British Council run annually has regularly attracted six-figure viewing numbers.


Live | Photography | Fast turnaround | Royalty

As one of the UK’s largest events companies, Orchard are a company that we love to collaborate with. Working with them has led to us meeting some amazing people, including the Welsh national football team, the Welsh rugby team, Harry and Megan (the royal ones!), Gary Lineker and the Black Eyed Peas.