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It is well documented that one of the most useful strategies to enhance your website is the use of product videos. A good product video can engage with consumers in a far more informed manner, successfully explaining new products in a way that the buyer can quickly comprehend, adding confidence and in some cases, allowing a 360° view.

Google ranks video content highly, however, one video does not cut the mustard these days. Once a viewer has watched your film once or twice, it is unlikely that they will watch it again. 

At Tantrwm we have a range of product video packages, some starting from as little as £50 per film, allowing you to post new content every week for a whole year, for the same price some companies charge for one video.

Video can drive sales

Product Marketing Videos work in e-commerce to drive sales.

Product videos enable your customers to interact with your products at a closer level than a flat image and are proven to make a difference, not only to your search engine ranking and online profile, but your sales, your customers perception and the overall value you offer.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and Google owns it! You will gain an added advantage over your competitors by embedding YouTube videos into your website.

Facebook is clawing away at YouTube and Google, gaining over 1000% more ‘shares’. Instagram’s visual simplicity is the main reason for its growing popularity and Snapchat has recently seen some very large brands promoting themselves in this currently, very uncrowded market.

  • Don’t forget Facebook
  • Don’t ignore Instagram
  • Consider Snapchat!
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