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Property video is much more than films for Estate Agents to sell property. With the advent of letting sites such as Air BnB and Facebook Marketplace there is a huge opportunity for the individual to bypass costly middle men and rent or even sell their property direct to the end user.

This does not limit itself to the private 2nd home owner. You might be a property developer, hold comercial properties or are even considering undertaking a new development. Tantrwm Digital Media can help create high quality film and visualisation that will assist in putting your best foot forward.

Anyone can use video.

Estate Agents use video, so can Developers and Landlords.

Estate agents are using property videos more and more, as they are realising that this popular marketing strategy offers a solid return on investment. The use of property video is the best medium to help convey the feel of a home, communicating the elements that a buyer may be looking for better than still images and text.

Tantrwm digital media can help deliver the messages you wish to communicate to your clients. Through filming walkthroughs, clients can get an idea of what it would be like to live in the property, giving a sense of flow as you can show how the spaces and rooms connect and offering a much better idea of scale.

Property videos are also an excellent way of focussing on the special features of real estate, allowing the buyers to see a buildings unique selling points from front door to back garden in the context of the whole house, rather than in a snapshot, helping to build anticipation prior to the initial viewing.

We have worked with private landlords, housing associations, property developers and even the National Trust (they own castles!)

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