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When we talk about education films you might think about on line learning, films to train people or even films that lobby politicians to improve the schooling system. Tantrwm Digital Media is well versed and has delivered many of these types of films.

However, the term ‘education films’ can also mean films that sell the achievements and merits of a learning institution. In the USA it is common for schools and colleges to compete for students.

This is becoming more and more common place in the UK.

Video on Social Media works more than any other content.

Tantrwm Digital Media can help your institution with high quality video that expresses the successes and achievements of your staff, pupils and alumni. We have helped universities and schools across the UK get the good news in front of hundreds of thousands of potential pupils, parents, future staff and funders.

You might be from a school that is competing locally for students. We can interview staff, parents, current and past pupils, and other ambassadors for your school. You can then distribute that film on line and on school signage. Empowering staff and students by sharing positive messages.

Our creative and talented staff will help identify how your competitors are communicating and can develop a strategy that will define you as being an establishment that Leads.

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