LED Video Walls

Have you been to Piccadilly Circus and seen the huge bill board opposite the statue of Eros? Famous around the world. Only Times Square in New York is as infamous in the world of advertising. The screens used at these installations are LED (Light emitting diode) technology. Once the preserve of multi-million pound projects, they are now within grasp of your more down to earth organisation.

LED Video Walls are changing how we consume content. Tantrwm has embraced this technology for over 20 years and can deliver the panels, advice, installation, support,  and content designed specifically for these screens.

If you are a land or building owner, a housing association, charity of local authority with a wall that has a large amount of passing eyes, then we can help you generate revenue. Not only that we can help you with content creation and integration into other display technology.

Our LED panels come in a range of shapes and sizes, meaning that we can customise your LED Wall to how you need it. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to create with no limits, your vision. We work with a small handful of suppliers from the UK, Europe, China, Australia and the USA with technology that is perfectly suited to the task in hand. 

You might want a short term rental wall rather than a fixed installation. We can help. From trade shows to outdoor events. Talk to Tom or Andrew to explore what is possible. 

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