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Tantrwm have been specialising in video for social media platforms since the inception of the various avenues open to business. Specifically designed for social media platforms, our social videos are typically short (upto a minute in length) and designed to drive engagement, motivating your followers to take actions such as likes, shares and comments.

This helps to bring your content into the social media feeds of potential new audiences.

All of the social media channels prefer the use of video. The algorithms understand that the media rich content is favoured, enjoyed, and shared by it’s users much more than text alone. Companies are quickly recognising the exponentially growing power of video, with the majority of marketers who publish content on social media finding it to be an effective strategy.

Video increases your audience

Video for social media increases your audience more effectively than other means.

While content is significant, it is only a small piece of the puzzle:

  • Deciding what social media channels your video will be shown on
  • What format they are shown in (square or letterbox for example)
  • Where subtitles are used (as most social videos are watched with the sound off)
  • Graphics
  • Making sure you have a call to action, allowing follow-up after the viewer has finished watching.

All play a part in delivering effective and coherent content to your target audience.

Contact Tantrwm and see how we can design and build your social media marketing campaign to gain maximum impact for the messages you want to deliver.

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