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After many years of live streaming and providing event support, Tantrwm Digital Media developed our own ‘Mobile Production Trailer’. The trailer doubles up as an interview area or a production control room and it can also be branded in your own livery to ensure maximum visual impact.

Imagine that you have commissioned us to capture Vox pops in communities across your region. We arrive at designated areas with the production trailer and conduct interviews in the plush interior, a bit like a ‘Big Brother’ diary room, or mini TV studio.


Brining live event production to the smallest of venues

Using our mobile production trailer as a control room enables us to undertake high-end multi-camera vision mixes and live streams from the smallest of venues or the remotest of locations. This might be from a crowded hotel conference suite (as a recent example for the Welsh Government shows) or from an Opera House with no space to house the production staff or kit (Grange Festival 2018).

We rig the trailer with the necessary hardware and lighting and then bring along our own generator if necessary. This means we create less impact on a venue and the attendees, creating a more conducive working environment with less distractions for your guests.

If you are having a public consultation, running an event somewhere remote, filming where space is an issue or have access issues for our technical team, then speak to Andrew or Chris about the Tantrwm Digital Media mobile production trailer.

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