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Using an unmanned aerial vehicle in public spaces, to gather video, photographs, for data gathering such as mapping, heat-loss or structural service MAY be governed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

Do your homework before contracting a pilot or purchasing a drone for your organisation. Many local authorities, police forces and the emergency services as well as some organisations in the housing sector have wasted thousands of pounds and hundreds of man hours on mis-considered purchases.

The use of UAVs to shoot video for property maintenance is growing amongst the community housing sector. Using a drone to assess wear and tear or weather damage to a property means saving on the trouble and expense of scaffolding, as well as saving time and avoiding major inconvenience for your tenants.

Many housing associations are using drones to not only produce shots of housing exteriors such as roofs, but are also finding that they can help with land inspections. This in turn can help in the planning process and save money by reducing the need for some on-site visits.

Tenants also benefit from housing maintenance teams using drones as they prove to be less intrusive and more convenient than traditional inspection methods. Allowing inspections to take place without impacting on tenants day to day lives.

Drone footage can also be used to capture the inside of a property to great effect. Other remote vehicles and tiny drones or “Glidecams” can be used to create HD video of interiors enabling the viewer to conduct walk-throughs of properties.

Capturing visuals of corners or areas that would be otherwise inaccessible, either due to safety concerns or because the spaces needed to be assessed are too small for a person to comfortably access.

Get a new view on a location

Organisations across the country are investing more and more in hiring experienced and qualified drone pilots. Finding that their application in maintenance, planning applications and showcasing properties is a service they cannot do without, especially where high-rise structures, large buildings or estates are concerned.

Tantrwm Digital Media’s director, Andrew Chainey, was at the forefront of automated drone implementation nearly a decade ago. Building and designing drones and using them for videography on golf courses. He has since handed the reigns to others.

The big thing to note when choosing a drone pilot is that they have a cinematic eye. Many fly too high, too fast and cut the shot too early. Call Andrew to find out how Tantrwm Digital Media can help and give advice.

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