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We are privileged to work with some of the most incredible academic institutions in the world. Our films help them to attract the best students, find corporate partners and share the fruits of their research with the wider public.

Academic institutions trust the team at Tantrwm.

Influencing key decision makers: Our work with Tech Foresight at Imperial College London looked at some of the nascent technologies being developed that have the potential to change the world. This series of films was shown to high-level policy makers from governments across the globe at the World Economic Forum.

Bringing the best and brightest to your institution: Imperial College Medical School is world renowned for its role in cutting edge research. To stay at the top they need to attract brilliant researchers to undertake their post-grad studies, so we created films that profiled two such students and highlighted the incredible experience they were having at Imperial.

Share Your Knowledge: Professional musicians are much like professional athletes with regards to the physical and mental strain they place upon their bodies and the increased likelihood of injury that results from this. Conservatoires including the Royal College of Music London and Trinity Laban have been collaborating with sports scientists to develop strategies and prevent injuries. These have been released as scientific research papers, but to be effective they needed to be digestible to a lay audience. This is where our videos came in. We created a series of films that took the research papers and distilled them into easily absorbed, three minute infographics.

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