Digital Media

Award winning video production
and live streaming

Creating outstanding and stylish communication videos, web videos, social media films, internal and external communications, TV and live streamed events across Wales & the UK.


We work with Government, not-for-profit and educational organisations as well as SME’s and global brands to produce engaging, creative, informative and high-quality live-action video production and animations.

Tantrwm Digital Media brings together technical ability and a love for storytelling to breathe life and passion into your video production.

Trusted team
Expert delivery

Proven ability to deliver high-quality video
and live stream productions

We will work with you to agree on a shared vision for your film and a robust plan to deliver your project on time and on budget. This helps us to make your video as engaging, entertaining and effective as possible.

We are based in Wales and specialise in Welsh and English bilingual video production. We can work in other languages as well to create a video that talks to your audience in their language.

Telling your stories starts with us listening, understanding and engaging with your organisation, product or service.

With over 18 years ‘doing what we do’, we are acutely aware of the need to work within your brand guidelines and how important it is to embody the ethos of your organisation. We do this by involving you in the creative process and communicating clearly with you throughout the project.


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