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Whether it is documenting an amazing project that is happening or running film making workshops that help young people realise their potential, video has the ability to benefit your school.

Tantrwm staff are fully DBS checked and have years of experience working with young people.

We create films that educate and inspire. If you have a requirement to inform parents or stakeholders about the performance of your school then we are here to help. School videos are shared by parents as well as the young people. Create something that they are proud to be associated with.

School videos distinguish you from other establishments.

In 2017 Tantrwm Digital Media were part of “The Tidy Project“, an amazing project run by Arts Active that took place across twenty-six schools in South Wales. It involved poets, artists and musicians working with schools to create a show that was staged at the St Davids Hall in Cardiff. We created a film which documented this project and demonstrated how it was meeting the strategic objectives of the funders and was also used successfully to gain extra funding.

On a seperate project, we also addressed the fact that many school-aged children want to work, but are unaware of the laws that dictate what they can and can’t do. In “A Young Persons Guide to Employment Law” we worked with Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council to create a film that is still used within schools to let young people know where they stand with regards to this very weighty subject.

In order to make the dry legal content appealing, the film took the form of a sketch show, in the style of Horrible Histories, where each sketch covered a different aspect of the law.

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