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Since 2005 Tantrwm Digital Media have worked with finance and data organisations to create their films. From banks and credit companies such as Deutche Bank, Chase, JP Morgan and Visa to insurance and data companies like Thomson-Reuters, Sterling and Lloyds.

Our team have been trusted to deliver confidential internal communications as well as less sensitive staff training & development courses, live investor relationship events and resources. Our clients rely on strict adherence to their standards combined with a team that has a ‘can do’ attitude that goes the extra mile.

Internal communications or public information that convey complex ideas.

Our close working relationships with universities that have specialist finance and data analytic courses has given Tantrwm Digital Media privileged access and understanding of the latest fin-tech developments. We have supported our clients as they have tried to recruit staff and students to jobs or opportunities in highly paid roles suitable for high achievers.

We have also enabled our clients to communicate directly to investors and share holders through recorded and live video. Supplying live streaming of AGMs, creation of content for presentations at niche meetings, and interviews with delegates and stakeholders.


Internal communications and staff development and training with regards to compliance are essential for finance companies to maintain their certification and ability to operate legally. Tantrwm Digital Media understand e-learning platforms and can help you meet your statutory obligations while at the same time engaging and retaining staff.

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