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Prior to Tantrwm our CEO had a small enterprise selling and installing projectors, sound and other AV. That became Tantrwm and the focus became video and digital content creation. But we have always supported our customers with advice, support and hardware when they required certain kit. Often a client would ‘want’ an expensive screen or camera when a cheap projector or iPhone was more suited. We provide solid advice and Audio Visual Audits. 

We are resellers for all of the top Audio Visual Brands. re not ‘box shifters’. We work with a client to understand their ambitions, level of knowledge and usage scenarios. We then work with them to supply and install equipment that compliments what we might use and supply after the installation.

EG a community group or a school might require a live streaming camera set up. We would specify a solution that would enable them to rent and add to their system when bigger events require. But also deploy bespoke e-learning so that staff can be up-skilled and even e-commerce to sell online events or training. 

Should you require equipment for hire or sale please get in touch and we can assist with your event. 

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