LED Trailer

Over the last few years Outdoor Cinema has seen a resurgence in the UK. Primarily down to COVID. Did you experience one? Often these ‘cinemas’ would deploy inflatable screens and use expensive high powered projectors to create the imagery.  This meant that you had to wait for the sun to set before you got a viewable image on the screen! No good if the kids need to be in bed by 9pm!

Our portable LED Screen Trailer is viewable all day, all night and can go anywhere. It is super bright and can even be viewed in direct sunlight. The onboard generator means we can set up ANYWHERE and run the screen, sound and popcorn machine for 3 full days on one tank of diesel!

The screen is a huge a 15 sqm (5 x 3m), which gives your audience that cinema viewing experience. In conjunction with silent disco headsets or mini speakers, you can even set up in the middle of a housing estate and not annoy the neighbours with loud PA systems (which we can also supply)

With its onboard silent generator, you are not limited by locations with suitable power. On top of a mountain, you got it. On a remote campsite, let’s make it happen.

Call Tom to check availability and how we can help. 

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