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Social responsibility is very important to us at Tantrwm and we realise how our work can impact on and help change the lives of some people for the better. We have worked extensively with many charities over the years including Barnardo’s, The National Trust, Arts Active, Mind and many others.

Working sympathetically in delicate situations to produce powerful, engaging and emotive campaign videos that heighten awareness, gain support, raise funds and inspire the audience.

When you need a team that understands how to get help, you can communicate with or identify your target audience, then speak to the team at Tantrwm.

Third sector organisations have trusted us for two decades.​

Whenever working with charities we get as close as possible to the cause that the charity stands for. We closely liaise with the organisation stakeholders, getting to understand the needs and hurdles, before constructing a solution that meets all requirements and delivers an outcome that exceeds expectations.

Knowing that every penny is important to third sector organisations, Tantrwm maximise your budget, stretching your funds as far as possible and ensuring that every penny is invested in relaying your message and making video that creates maximum impact for your cause.


Skilled interviewers.

Our team are skilled at conducting interviews with all sections of the community. We are at ease in getting in depth or concise answers to difficult questions from a chief executive, politician, young person, celebrity, a staff member or someone off the street.

When there are difficult to communicate scenarios or statutory obligations to communicate, we have the skills and tools to help. We can deploy animated infographics, live stream events, produce creative and live bi-lingual film, undertake photography and more.  Speak to us at Tantrwm and see what we have done for others.

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