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Some things are hard to explain with words. Sometimes it’s even hard to explain them with pictures. Moving pictures with words beat both hands down.

Explainer videos are an incredible tool for explaining concepts, products and ideas and Tantrwm have years of experience at making them.

We have worked with scientists to explain their world-changing research, with charities to explain the impact of their work and with companies to explain why their product is a world beater.

2d or 3d animation integrated with live video

Infographics, animation and live action video can all be brought together to create an engaging and informative explainer video.

We can take an idea from scratch and develop it into an animated explainer film. This involves developing a visual style, possibly characters, font choices, colour schemes and much more. Or our talented team can take your existing designs and branding and work from that.

Often Tantrwm Digital Media find ourselves taking a printed annual report and distilling a hundred pages or more into a few minutes of key facts and figures. This can intrigue a viewer to explore the printed material in more depth. It is also shared wider and easier to access than a printed report.

Convey boring facts in a bright memorable way.

These animated films are great for livening up a series of cold, hard facts.

We made infographic films for Cynon Taf Community Housing that distilled their 100-page corporate annual report into a fun 3-minute film.

We also worked with the Eve Appeal, a charity that raises money for cancer research, to highlight the progress their work was making in tackling ovarian cancer.

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