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Understanding communication is vital when working with public sector organisations to create their films. How the public and your staff perceives your organisation is often key to being trusted and understood. Recognising an organisations goals and how it can achieve these through training, creative video and live streaming have been staples of Tantrwm Digital Media right from our inception.

We bring creative solutions to the challenges faced by the public sector. Through engaging content which promotes interaction and debate and helps departments work together. Ensuring that they deliver the services required by their users, accurately and efficiently.


Working with all departments in local and national government.

Working with public sector organisations like Welsh Government, The National Trust, Save The Children, Arts Council Wales, Dyfed Powys Poilce and Housing Associations across Wales has given us invaluable insight into the workings and needs of different public sector organisations.

We have had access to the decision making processes which has helped us create informed and effective communication solutions.

Tantrwm Digital Media also work bi-lingually, streaming conferences, creating films and developing and delivering training in both English and Welsh, conveying both languages simultaneously.

If you need a trusted and competent team then get in touch. Our experience is that the earlier we are involved in a project then the smoother the process. Our work ethic is to reduce your workload and involve you in the project as little or as much as you desire.

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