Go and search for E-Learning authoring platforms and you will find a multitude of solutions. Some of them might be right for you. Then ask ‘How much does an E-Learning Authoring Tool cost?”, you will see that the prices range from around £1500 for basic up to and above £20,000 for some tools. 

Tantrwm work in WordPress and develops e-learning using off-the-shelf authoring tools that can deliver all of the things your e-learning could require in 95% of the cases. Depending on your case scenario, you might just need some basic plugins (from £50) to something more complex (£500+). The key is that Tantrwm staff know how to develop and implement these tools in a way that enables you to duplicate, amend and build a future course at no cost (or pay us to do it for you). We work with you to get it right.

We give you the structure for how the content should be provided, and we convert this into a design that matches your branding and gets your materials across. E-Learning systems can seem complicated, but at Tantrwm we ensure that you are supported every step of the way.

Teach anyone Anywhere Anytime

Once your E-learning course has been created, you can leave it to run itself.

E-Commerce can be set up on your website to allow your courses to be purchased and managed by WordPress automatically.

The point of E-learning is that you give your learners information and details in digestible chunks. You don’t want to be clarifying questions in your course if it can be resolved by rewriting the content in a more concise and understandable way. We can take your detailed pdfs or documents and offer guidance on how to break it up so your learners and students can get the most out of your course.

You have the flexibility to generate quizzes, ensuring your learners have genuinely understood everything you have shown them. If not, your 80% threshold will guarantee those that who have comprehended can move forward.

Your content can be enable you to create content and leave it be.

You can find examples of our E-Learning platforms on:
CynnalCymru.com, MAP-IQ.org, Younique Aesthetics

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