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Vox pop videos can be a great way of conveying your message to your audience. Literally translating to “voice of the people”, Vox pops videos can be a far more direct tool, allowing your audience to connect with your product/information in a way that garners trust, as it’s delivered by your audience and not by yourselves.

Social media sound bites

Vox Pop interviews are great for social media sound bites.

At Tantrwm digital multimedia we have used Vox pops videos extensively in our work, be it corporate video, advertising, live broadcasting or documentary. Through our expertise in interviewing we have been able to bring to the forefront the detail needed to help successfully tell your story time and time again.

With the right interview techniques, Vox pops videos can bring out a side to your story, without which, it would be difficult to show. Often stimulating debate, or introducing humor through an “off the cuff” comment, Vox pops bring an authenticity difficult to capture with actors or scripted voiceovers.

Vox pops are also short enough to be shared online through social media channels as standalone videos or used as part of a wider film. Whichever way you use them, Vox pops add real value to your brand.

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