3 person video/film crew

A flexible team when you know what you need.

Are you an independent film maker shooting your short film?

Maybe you are an agency who needs a crew?

Perhaps you are a director that needs a crew?

Then our 3 person film crew can help you.

Tantrwm Digital Media have a team of experienced, award winning, creative and technically adept crew that can aid you in your production. We also have top quality equipment, in house, that does not have to be hired from an external company.

The benefits that our team bring to your production are many. Tantrwm’s crew work together regularly and know how each other operate. We also understand the equipment and processes that each member of the team uses. This all leads to strong communication when on a job, speedy set up time, the ability to second guess what each team members is up to and an understanding of ‘what gear goes where’.

This ensures a better experience for you, our client, through smoother production, less hassle in organising a shoot and a price that is less than what it would cost if you had to source the individual team members and equipment.

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What do you get in the package?

Tantrwm Digital Medias 3 person film crew can be configured in a way to suit your production.

This could include any combination of the following roles:

  • Director
  • Interviewer
  • Camera Operator
  • Camera Assistant
  • Sound Person
  • Lighting technician
  • Lighting cameraman
  • Self shooting director
  • Welsh interviewer
  • Welsh Director
  • Runner/production assistant
  • Photographer
Call Andrew or Chris: 01685 876700

What gear do we use?

The standard equipment that would be included in our 3 person film crew solution would include:

  • 4k Sony Camera (Fs7 or A7sii: you specify)
  • A selection of lenses
  • Memory cards for camera (up to 3 hrs recording time)
  • Tripod
  • 2m slider (a motion control option is available) and tripods
  • Standard 3 point LED interview lighting and gels
  • Boom mic and pole (Sennheiser 416 or Rode NTG2)
  • 2 lapel mics and radio receivers / transmitter
  • Audio mixer and recorder

We also supply a crew vehicle that can accommodate 5 people and equipment (VW Transporter)

Call Andrew or Chris: 01685 876700