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The music industry is all about connecting with fans. Tantrwm Digital Media enable you to build a world wide audience by live streaming your event at broadcast TV standards.

We bring our technical knowledge and creative skills along with the latest high end robotic cameras and vision mixing equipment to the venue of your choice. We work with your lighting and sound designers to make sure that the best possible image is transmitted to your growing audience.

Instagram TV, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Twitch, Periscope and all of the other channels can be simultaneously catered for. We can also include ‘live’ behind the scenes footage, bringing a sense of excitement and involvement to your on line audience.

When taking your show online you must consider how you will interact and make your audience part of the show. Enabling them to interact and feel part of the proceedings will engage and facilitate repeat viewing, plus increase the likelihood of them sharing your event further. This leads to more viewers and eventually more footfall at physical venues.

You also have the opportunity to add live links to merchandising, and sponsor websites, giving you additional sources of revenue.

Capturing your live event also means that you can edit snippets after the event and utilise these clips for further social media interaction, making the most of the content you have invested in.

Live Music Venues cater for finite audiences. Online = Infinite.


Tantrwm have worked with management companies, record labels, promoters, bands and individuals to help them take advantage and utilise the technology available today.

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