Being heard is critical for your event, whether it is speaking at a conference, or ensuring your band has a crisp sound, Tantrwm has the experience to deliver. We want to make sure your event is paired with the right equipment, not what’s on the shelf. We take the time to understand what you and your location need; marrying the space with the speakers.

Working as a DJ and AV installer prior to setting up Tantrwm, Andrew has 30 years of experience in sound. In fact he was due to study acoustics at Salford University (but couldn’t afford the bus fare for the interview) before studying Electronics. We will be first to admit that Tantrwm are not your team for large stadium PA systems. We supply small events, 10 to 3000 people, indoors or out, permanent or rental. 

We have enough in-house stock and skilled staff to manage conferences and events where presenters need lectern, hand held, tie clip or headset microphones. Within Tantrwm’s stock we have available the latest digital mixing desks and rigs that are combined with live streaming and podcast capabilities. 

There is a shortage of skilled AV staff in the UK. It is advisable to book us well in advance of your planned event. 

Digital all the way

We use the latest digital mixing desks to deliver the experience your project needs.

With hybrid events, getting audio in and out to your in-person and virtual audiences is vital for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Tantrwm has the experience and understanding to create immersive and seamless events!

Our wireless microphone systems ensure that there are no strings attached (literally), keeping you moving and focusing on what matters, rather than, “am I going to trip over this cable?”

We use systems from Sennheiser & Trantec to name but a few.

We can cater for a range of different events, from conference panels, and inaugural lectures to demo kitchens where the microphone can’t interfere with the user.

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