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Experts in delivering multi-camera and cross-platform live video streaming

It is a fact that live video on social media platforms retains and engages audiences more than any other communication tool. Tantrwm is one of the best equipped and able live streaming providers in the UK.

With multiple live stream units available for immediate deployment, you can trust us to have all aspects covered.

We know how to overcome issues with conference internet networks and how to stream robustly on 3G and 4G. We can even utilise our own satellite up link technology.

If talk of IP addresses, bit rate, audio delay, compression, contention ratios, SDI, NDI and PoE send shivers up your spine, then let Tantrwm take the pressure away.

Bi-lingual on all Social channels

Go live on all of your social media channels bi-lingually and engage with your audience.

Tantrwm’s live streaming offering includes bilingual video delivery to multiple channels. We are in demand from conferences, government agencies and charities to help them meet their statutory obligations and to overcome technical hurdles such as delivering live conference coverage.

We deploy robotic cameras with our ‘studio in a box’ flight cases that have been specially commissioned for bilingual streaming. The ‘studio in a box’ systems were developed in response to requests from the Welsh Government. They required neat and quick solutions which allow simultaneous bilingual transmissions over multiple social media channels such as YouTube.

Tantrwm Digital Media are well resourced and able to support you and your event with Live Stream technicians, creative and experienced camera operators and all of the kit you require.

  • Robotic Cameras enable us to cut down on set up time and staffing. They enable us to get shots from angles that would be difficult from a tripod, camera and operator.
  • Our Blackmagic Deisgn ‘Studio in a box’ flyaway kits come in a range of flight cases for different scenarios. From the ultra portable 4 camera micro set up, to the 8 camera bi-lingual system. They incorporate 16 channel audio mixing and 8 channel independent camera recording to SSD.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables fast set up so that one cable is run to each camera (instead of Power + Signal + Control)
  • Our systems are built so they can be rigged, de-rigged and rigged again very quickly. The systems are on castors which enables them to be moved between break out rooms during conference sessions.

Leave Tantrwm deal with the technology, so that you can focus on content and quality of the presentation being delivered

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