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Our broadcast and editing work has been seen on TV channels and heard on Radio Stations across the globe. Tantrwm Digital Media work with you to realise your creative vision. Our knowledgeable team take you from idea to delivery, helping you with every step of the creative and production process along the way.

You might be creating content for:

  • A TV commercial to appear between shows.
  • Video press release for news channel use.
  • Shopping channel content.
  • Documentary films
  • Comedy
  • Behind the scenes.
  • Kids shows

The list is extensive and Tantrwm Digital Media have the experience and the staff to make your program happen.

We are based in South Wales, and are only 30 minutes from Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Brecon or Abergavenny. This means if you need help fast then we might be able to assist. Give Andrew a call and find out.


We supply kit and crew to TV broadcasters and production teams

Besides being a creative team, we have extensive technical know how and a huge arsenal of equipment to bring to a project.

From live vision mixing and robotic cameras, to high end broadcast cameras, lenses, tripods, mics, dollies, cranes, lighting, sliders, transmitters, green screens etc. We have invested in the technology in order that to bring you the best on screen quality available.

Our post production facilities revolve around the Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut. We have experience in editing on Avid and Da Vinci Resolve. Our offices have a dedicated edit space and a small studio that is great for product video, still shots and interviews plus a soundproof voice over recording booth.

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